Vespe Ratavo

Vespe Ratavo is a Time Lord, because every series needs a Time Lord (quoth the great Wild Mass Guessing section of TV Tropes).

Technically, Vespe isn't a member of AMEN or GLoG anymore. He does, however, continue to show up at the bases of both organizations.


Vespe is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey. Maybe. Maybe he's just some random idiot who got lucky and found a TARDIS. No one's really sure. Whatever he is, he has a time machine, and can regenerate, so most people just go along with the "Time Lord" explanation.

He's had lots of incredibly vaguely-defined adventures, many of which he'll happily relay to anyone who cares to ask. Interestingly, they seem to be evenly divided into about 25 or 45 minute long chunks each, except for a few which he tells in multiple parts.

He's evidently a veteran of the Great Time War, which he'll also happily ramble on for hours about.

Vespe eventually found his way to AMEN, where he quickly became a member. Although still Chaotic Good when he joined, he became Evil within minutes.

When War Island was established, Vespe was the first AMENite to arrive.

Vespe soon became rivals with Fanboy, and they had a duel. During the battle, Vespe almost died. Fanboy "saved" him by turning him into a vampire. He posed as good for a few months, but failed in his attempt to backstab Fanboy on his wedding day, and quit both organizations out of frustration.

Recently, Vespe returned to GLoG after a battle with a large number of Daleks, evidently armed with some sort of temporally powered ray gun. This forced him to regenerate for the first time. Both versions exist simultaneously, due to the Timey Wimey Ball.

The 1st Vespe

Name: Dr. Vespe Ratavo or The Bard
Gender: Male (usually)
Race: Time Lord (with little pointy elf ears)
Alignment: Chaotic. Strangely, reads as both strongly good and strongly evil. It averages out to Neutral, though.
Affiliation: None, though still shows up at AMEN and GLoG.
Age: He's a time traveler. Your guess is as good as his.
Appearance: Tall, pale-ish, black hair, pointy ears.
Personality: Funny, carefree, occasionally overdramatic.
Special Abilities: Time travel (with the TARDIS), genre savvy, can invoke tropes at will, can abuse the laws of time travel to his benefit. His doctorate is in chronodisplacement theory, by the way (aka time travel).
Combat Proficiencies: Best with rapiers and revolvers, decent at a variety of other weapons.

The 2nd Vespe

Name: Dr. Vespa Ratavo or The Psychic
Gender: Female (usually)
Race: Time Lord (looks human)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Again, none, although has been at GLoG for a while.
Age: Who knows?
Appearance: Slightly shorter than the first, long brown hair, slightly more tanned than the 1st Vespe, and wears a pair of Lennon-esque round glasses. She also wears an olive green shirt, pants of some undefined color, and a black trenchcoat.
Personality: Much more serious than the original Vespe; speaks in short sentences. Seemingly more intelligent.
Special Abilities: Time travel (with the TARDIS), can abuse the laws of time travel to her benefit. Is a psychic.
Combat Proficiencies: Is a psychic, can use teleknesis, pyrokenesis, electrokenesis, etc.


The TARDIS, or as it's more commonly referred to, the police box, is Vespe's time machine. It looks like a blue police box. It's much larger on the inside, filled with buttons, switches, and lots of other shiny stuff. It also has several more rooms, including bedrooms (Vespe's and a few guest rooms), a huge wall of weapons, a library, and certainly many more, depending on what the plot requires.

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