The Marine

The Marine is the first member of HALO to land on the island (and one of the first from any organization). He has been engaging opponents in Glorious Battle ever since.

As far as his backstory goes, well, he was just your average Marine commander flying around and shooting at things, and getting shot back at, until one day when the pilot of his Battle Cruiser fell asleep at the wheel, literally, and let the ship fly into a wormhole, dumping him out in HALO.

The Marine is rather gruff and irritable most of the time, for reasons that aren't really known, and constantly wears a suit of power armor. And no, he never takes it off. Ever.
The Marine commands a wide variety of forces, from the basic Terran Marine all the way up to mighty mechanical vehicles and the stealthed, lethal Ghost operative.

The Marine, in all his power-armored glory:

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