Neutral Maze

The Neutral Maze is a dungeon built by Neutralist Organization in which members of HALO, AMEN and GLoG will compete against each other. At least, that's the plan. Those are the rules so far:
-The goal is to get to the middle of the dungeon.
-Each organization sends in a team.
-All teams start in different parts of the dungeon.
-They declare their actions, and NO members respond with the actions of traps and monsters as well as descriptions of the rooms and corridors.
-Characters who are mortally wounded are sent to NO hospital to recover.
-In case the teams meet each other, they're forbidden to fight each other. Those who do so will be disqualified and forced to listen to Polish folk music played on accordions.
-Since the winner is likely to be impossible to declare, there will be dancefighting contest as soon as all teams finish the race.

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