Lord Magtok

Name: Lord Magtok
Known As: Magtok, Maggy, Mag, Maggums, or whatever else the cruel masses deem appropriate
Age: About five weeks old, usually, thanks to cloning.
Race: Human (With Cybernetic Prosthetics)
Occupation: Evil Genius
Weapons: Anything that can possibly be used as a weapon, and even a few things that can't have been used by the cyborg.



Dressed in dark purple robes, and with a scarred and half-machine face not even a mother could love. He be depicted above.

Personality: Magtok is…well, kinda hard to describe. You'll have to meet him to get a proper understanding of him, but what most can agree on is that he's definitely a bit eccentric. Some claim he's Lawful Neutral due to his dislike of getting his hands dirty, his aversion to hitting women, and his decision to stay neutral in the Waffles vs. Pancakes debate. Others believe he's just as Chaotic Evil as the rest of AMEN, listing his sick experiments, habit of kicking puppies, his general appearance, and "your mum" as evidence to support their theory.

Unusual Abilities:


Due to fancy-schmancy technology (made with the help of the Guild of Fancy-Schmancers, who follow a rarely practiced school of magic combining technobabble with hitting people over the head with a staff if they try to explain why your technobabble doesn't make any sense), Magtok can pull nearly anything out of his robes, so long as it doesn't make sense. A walrus can be taken out of his robes, as well as the Statue of Liberty, but anything that could come out of his pockets has to be tucked away elsewhere, such as the guns he keeps in the holsters around his waist.

Talking is free Action

Due to years spent as villain, explaining devious plots and master schemes, Magtok has an unfortunate tendency to talk waaaay longer than necessary, and often over-explains things. However, this is no longer a serious problem, as he's learned how to fill minute long speeches in the time between someone unsheathing their weapon and then sheathing it in his stomach. An occurrence which happens quite often, actually.

We can rebuild him, we have the TECHNOLOGY

Thanks to fancy science stuff, Magtok has a large quantity of clones tucked away on some underground facility in a number of locations. This ensures that if you accidentally (or not so accidentally) kill him, there'll be another fresh Lord Maggy available for slaughtering. He also retains any and all memories experienced by the other clones.


Magtok, despite his cybernetics and his gigantic ego, can be killed with just about anything that'll kill an ordinary human being. For example, he has a rather unhappy memory of a time when one of the clones was brutally beaten up by a pack of schoolchildren when he had been attempting to steal some candy.

Except occasionally, when plot and drama outweighs the demands of humor, the cyborg can last a bit longer than this.

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