HALO, the Heroic Anti-Evil and Lawbreaking Organization, is one of the many factions struggling for dominance over the Island.

For the entire first phase (before NO landed on the Island) The Marine was the sole member of HALO conducting offensive operations against the enemy. During that time period, another member of HALO, Dallas Dakota, arrived but has yet to check in at the castle. In Phase Two, shortly after the joint Fluffy-Marine assault on the GLoG castle, the mighty Arcane Incarnation Rand has arrived, presumably to aid HALO in the upcoming fight.

HALO's goals are simple; to crush their foes, to drive them all before them, to hear the lamentations of their women, and to stand victorious on the field of Glorious Battle.

Notable HALO operations to this date on The Island:
(page) The Marine arrives.
~ (page) The Marine begins fortifying castle.
~ (page) The Marine negotiates with nefarious AMEN member Vespe Ratavo
~(page) Dallas_Dakota arrives.
~ (page) The Marine leads a joint attack on the GLoG fortress with Commodore Fluffy, and is repulsed due to deadtime but not before causing significant damage.
~ (page) Rand arrives.
~(page) Garth arrives
~(page) The Marine penetrates GLoG castle, and causes it to be destroyed.

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