Good League of Good

The Good League of Good is an organization devoted to Good. Also Sporks and Cakes. Unknown to the other organizations on the island (at least until they read this page) GLoG thinks of War Island as flypaper to keep the evil doers and the random nutters busy killing each other instead of off doing evil things. ((Shhh! Don't tell!))

Their base is currently being repaired from the recent earthquake damage, and the front of the castle shows a tile mosaic of rainbows, unicorns, and cute little puppies.

The base is currently mannned by Blackadder-bot, Baldrick-bot, Percy-bot, and Yoda-bot.

All the bots and drones in and around the GLoG base can be treated as mooks for slaughtering purposes.

NB: Though they are called 'bots' and appear to be made of shiny bits of metal, they are actually magical constructs. Sporks are capable of creating a working robot only if wielded by a very clever roboticist.

GLoG castle is defended by an Anti-Anti Magic Field-Field. The AAMFF is in turn defended by several layers of anti-godmodding.

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