Player :

General character :
Generally jolly, he uses his power in rhymes as seen so far, he's allied himself with NO, the neutrals.

History :

The first of Forodwaith was seen on War Island when suddenly everybody noticed his and his hut standing on a far corner of the island, in a clearing of the forest, on a slight rise of the land.
Forodwaith appears to be dressed and looks much like Tom Bombadil(From J.R.R.'s Tolkien, again the northern District Forodwaith in Middle Earth has nothing to do with him).

He first took a action when a giant milk tsunami appeared, which was clashing against the HALO castle's shield.

He recalled a rhyme, which went like this, if I properly remember.

Come along , ho ho, merry forodwaith needs some milk.
Come along, ho ho, merry forodwaith wants to drink some yummy milk with his homemade cookies.

Then the milk turned into shapes, horses and ships, and lots of unshaped milk behind it. Leading it to the clearing , the milk made a small lake next to the hut.

(More information to be inserted here)

Then he made the hut lock toghetter with the NO castle, which had appeared. Making the milk dig a trench, which is apparently also a shield, around the NO castle and the hut.
He seemingly allied himself with NO.

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